Sunday, June 13, 2010

Riley Time

Riley and I went to Swank Farms Grand Opening for 2010 and right here we are on the cow ride. It was quite dusty so I told him to close his eyes.
He played in the bounce house for a couple minutes. He was excited since nobody was in there!
They had face painting, petal carts, big bounce pillow, and free hot dogs!
Riley chose a spider on his hand and did not care to go on the other activities. I couldn't even get him to feed the goats!! Everyone should go check out Swank Farms!!

Ducks at Casa de Fruta. Riley just LOVES going there. This time we went to check out the party area since that's where we are having his 3rd birthday party.

Riley sitting in the caboose.

I need to get better at taking shots of us. I don't look great in this photo, but Riley is a cutie :)

He just LOVES hanging out in the caboose!!

And he LOVES trains!! Lots of fun could be had at Casa de Fruta!!

This day we went to the My Museum in Monterey. I love Monterey!! Riley is playing with the ball machine. It's so cool!!
Riley climbed up the pet playhouse.
They even have a little mini golf area! This one of his favorite spots in the museum.

Check it out:

I really cherish the time I get to spend with this lil' guy!

I love you Riley!!!