Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The box came!

Riley with his gift. Riley got a homemade sticker book and box of stickers!

He loves it :)

Wes with his gift. He got a homemade book that he can use for writing or drawing.

He also loves his gift. In fact, he was so excited, he took it to school.

Anthony with his gift. He got a homemade bulletin board. It looks really cool :)

This box is one of Kuger's amazing origami creations. How did he do this? Some of the others, not shown, are cranes and a butterfly, which is hanging above my desk.

Wes, Anthony, Riley, & Mom with all of our awesome homemade gifts.

Thanks to Kuger & Tiffany who spent a lot of time, energy, and imagination just for us!! We love everything and can't thank you enough :)

I hung my "inspire" above my bench and look at it daily! Love you guys!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Riley showing off his new Tony Hawk outfit! He says "I love Tony Hawk"
Now he's showing me his tech deck(well, it's actually his big brothers, but they don't play with them anymore.)

Uncle Preston's old skateboard~ Riley decided it would be cool to bring it in the house!

Riley is ADDICTED to anything to do with skateboards!!
Here he is playing Tony Hawk's project 8 on the xbox!!

Big brothers helping him with the game. Actually, they all love this game :)
Happy Skateboarding!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Done backtracking!!

Yay, I finally caught up!! That wasn't easy. I should've started in January......here on out is current activity with the Silva's!! Follow freely :)

Park Day

Riley at the park. This is the first time he asked me to not help him climb up. He's getting soooo big, soooo fast!!
Pushing his finger skateboard down the slide.

Those metal slides sure are bright! My sweetie pie who is not big on pictures, posing!
The day at the park was supposed to be filled with a picnic, fun throwing the football and frisbee and we did do those things, but were there about 1 1/2 hours longer than I had expected. Long story short, a boy was stuck on the other side of the school courtyard and we had to call Dad to come help! Dad to the rescue :)
Riley was so cute~ Thanks for the picnic Mom! I'll go help that boy Mom! What a sweetie :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mini Golf

Neptunes Kingdome~ Beach Boardwalk
Took Riley for a treat while the older boys were mini golfing. Last time I took Anthony~ I won!!
This time, Wes won!! Yay Wesman!!

Riley went on some rides. He had a blast :)

Riley on the batmobile!!


Anthony, Riley & Wes on Easter morning.
Dad took lots of pictures of the boys in our backyard while I was working. Don't they look handsome?

Precious Giano, (my nephew), Grandpa, Uncle Brian, & Tia Nae.
Easter lunch at Uncle Joe & Tia Fran's house!

Well I'm off work now! I have worked Easter for the last ten years at least.
Dad, Wes, Mom, Riley, Anthony, and Grandpa.
Poor Grandma was home sick with flu.....yuck!
Me & my angel face :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vet's Easter Egg Hunt!

Riley was not quite sure what to think about all this. There were a lot of kids and he wanted me right there next to him the whole time. It was crazy.....all the eggs were gone in seconds, seriously!!
On the way out of the field, Riley thought it would be cool to collect rocks...haha!

Grandma took Wesley over to his hunt (they were at the same time). Thanks Grandma!!
Wes & Riley waiting in line for their prizes. Some of the eggs had $1 written on them. Wes had two and Riley had one. They really enjoyed the egg hunt! Thanks to the Veterans who put this on every year....and I mean every year. I was talking with a friend and she said she rememebers coming when she was a little girl!! Not quite sure what year they started it, but it's awesome!!

Coloring Easter Eggs!

Riley wanted to color his egg pink first.
He had so much fun coloring his eggs. He likes mixing the colors too!

The older brothers were not that into it this year, but still colored some. While they waited for the eggs to change color, they would play soccer.
You are never too old to color eggs :)

Garden Day :)

Anthony unloading the veggies. He is also wondering why I am taking pictures. Of course he knows that I LOVE taking pictures!!
Riley wanted to help unload too!! My little helper :)
He's wearing Wesley's boots. Can you tell they are on the wrong feet....hahaha! Dad & Wes measuring out the space.

Riley putting soil down by the tomatoe plant.
Wes helping plant the peppers. He wanted to help, but couldn't stand still while Dad was digging the holes, so we had him come over right at the last minute.

Can you tell that I am so excited.....I have always wanted a garden. Now, let's see if we can not only keep them alive but help them to thrive so that we can enjoy our "Silva Salsa" that Kev makes. It is sooooo yummy :) I do not have a green thumb, so stay tuned for garden updates.

My sweet Riley :) (Mar.)

Riley posing for the camera. He never does that for me. Doesn't like taking photos too much. This night he was digging it :)

Grandpa's Birthday! (Mar.)

march 29th~ grandpa's birthday at Paines~ yum!
Wes, Riley, Grandpa, & Anthony

Bowling (Mar.)

Wes' first time bowling~ He LOVED it!
Not a very good picture, but this is Wes & I at the bowling alley! We had so much fun!!
Anthony bowled too, but he wasn't thrilled at me taking pictures....lol!!

Cousins Brunch :) (Mar.)

Giano, Jenae, Tiff, Dave, Donna, Carla~ Cousins Brunch at our house! Great food everyone!!

Spring Festival (March)

Volunteering at R.O. Hardin
The kids were excited to see the Easter Bunny :)
What a great day they all had. Good job Maria & team....looks like it was a success!!

Spring soccer (Feb.)

Wes with Coach Bob!
Wes in action....he LOVES soccer!!

Good save Wes!!

My soccer star~ Wesman